Latex Free Devices and Products.

IMPORTANT: This list is now out of date and is no longer maintained. It is only available now in the Archive section for reference purposes.

This page lists medical disposables that are usually made of latex (e.g., gloves) or have a latex component (e.g., IV sets) where the latex has been replaced by a non-latex substitute. This is becoming increasingly important for procedures and operations on latex allergic patients and for latex allergic staff.

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Examination Gloves

Non-vinyl Gloves

Brand NameMaterialManufacturerAvailability
Touch N Tuff Nitrile examination gloves. Ansell UK
Nitra Touch Nitrile examination gloves. Ansell UK
Glovex Neoderm Non-latex, non-vinyl examination gloves. Beiersdorf UK
Oon Nitrile 100% nitrile examination gloves. Browne Healthcare UK
N-Dex Non-latex, non-vinyl examination gloves. ?? Healthline UK
Pure Advantage Non-latex, non-vinyl examination gloves. ?? Healthline UK
Finite Non-latex, non-vinyl examination gloves. ?? Polyco UK
Nitrile Nitrile examination gloves. Safeskin UK
Nitra Perfect Nitrile examination gloves. Western Lab Services UK

Vinyl Gloves

Brand NameMaterialManufacturerAvailability
Glovex Vinyl Vinyl examination gloves. Beiersdorf UK
GN52 Vinyl examination gloves. Healthline UK
GN65 Vinyl examination gloves. Healthline UK
Fine Touch Vinyl examination gloves. HPC UK
Sensicare Vinyl examination gloves. Maxxim UK
Tru Touch Vinyl examination gloves. Maxxim UK
Bodyguards Vinyl examination gloves. Medisavers UK
? Vinyl examination gloves. Molnlycke UK
Select Vinyl examination gloves. Polyco UK
Finesse Vinyl examination gloves. Polyco UK
Premier Vinyl examination gloves. Shermond UK
Protector Vinyl examination gloves. Shermond UK
Vinylite Polyvinylchloride SmartPractice US ?
Syntho Perfect Vinyl examination gloves. Western Lab UK

Surgeons Gloves

Brand NameMaterialManufacturerAvailability
DermaPrene NeoPrene Ansell UK
Manex Neoderm Non-latex, non-vinyl surgeons glove. Beiersdorf UK
Flexam Polyvinylchloride Baxter US (UK ?)
Neolon Neoprene Becton-Dickinson US ?
Prolax ? Kendall UK
Neotech ? LRC / LIG UK
Allergard ? Johnson & Johnson UK
Elastyren Styrene butadiene Hermal Pharmaceutical Labs US ?
Tactylon Styrene ethylene butylene SmartPractice US

Latex containing consumer products and substitutes: Latex Rubber Products and Substitutes 

IV Administration Sets & Syringes

IV Cannulae and Catheters

Anaesthetic Equipment.

New Materials

An American company has developed a new plant which produces "non-allergic" latex. Using genetic engineering, the USDA Western Regional Research Center at the University of Arizona has produced a plant called Guayule, whose rubber is pliable enough to be used as a subsitute for latex.

Production levels are low at present, and thus only small items such as catheter tips are being manufactured by Ulex, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA). However, large-scale production of guayule hypoallergenic latex is feasible, and it is envisaged that glove manufacture will take place in the future.

Australia has also considered growing Guayule, but the low volume of production and the low cost of rubber has not yet made it a commercial proposition. In contrast, the USA have been funding Guayule research and development to the tune of $60 million in the 1980's, as they see rubber as critical to their strategic defense and economy. In 1991, the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicted that domestic production of guayule may replace a quarter of the USA's natural rubber imports by the end of the millennium.

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