A user evaluation study of  needle-stick prevention devices in the Welsh NHS has now been published on medidex.

SMTL have published a report where they have assessed  the evidence provided by a manufacturer for their single-use scope sheaths as well as published literature from a Medline search, ENT UK and the CDC in the USA.

A paper on standards applicable to stainless steel instruments is now available on Medidex.

The paper discusses the BS 5194 series of standards for surgical instruments (grades of steel, physical and performance characteristics), and BS 7891 which covers corrosion resistance properties, and thermal resistance. 

The article is available as a PDF file.

SMTL's archive of newsletters, starting with the dressings times, and continuing with the combined SMTL newsletter are now available on Medidex:

Wales has annulled the current neuraxial process.  Further details are on the neuraxial page.

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