We have recently updated two of our research papers.  Firstly the Safer Sharps - Scalpel and Suture needles paper has been updated with the latest information.  Sharps injuries are a common occupational hazard for health care workers in the NHS and this report summarises 'safety' scalpels and associated products.  Secondly the Infusion therapy - requirements for flow control paper has been updated.  This paper summarises guidance currently available in the area.

A wide range of articles on sharps can be found on our Safer Sharps page.

A new article on "The use of integral fluid filters in single-use infusion administration sets" is now available.

A user evaluation study of phlebotomy needle-stick prevention devices in the Welsh NHS has now been published on medidex.

An article on  cytotoxic/chemotherapy waste disposal containers has now been published on medidex.

SMTL technical memo on cross connections between non-luer neuraxial devices and luer devices is now available on the neuraxial test results page.

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