Atraumatic Diagnostic Lumbar Puncture - new advice from EBPB (May 2021)

The EBPB have issued advice and an evidence review for the use of atraumatic needles in diagnostic lumbar puncture (DLP). 

The EBPB concluded that there was a clear clinical benefit to using atraumatic needles for DLP, through a reduction of post-dural puncture headache (PDPH). Economic analysis suggests that despite the increased cost of atraumatic needles, cost savings could be achieved through PDPH reduction. The EBPB agreed that even without the potential for cost savings, patients would still benefit from this change in needle design. 

The full statement and evidence review are available on the EBPB pages.

Reprocessing of reusable face masks respirators during Covid 19

Interim advice and guidance for NHS organisations to consider when purchasing and using reusable respirators in a healthcare context has been co-authored by SMTL, and approved by the UK PPE Decision Making Committee (DMC) in Dec 2020. The paper and the backround research are now available.

A new paper is up on Medidex - "Single-use and multiple-use of Medical Devices". This paper gives advice on what to take into account when trying to decide whether a medical device can be used for multiple actions during a single procedure on a single patient. It was written to support the work of the All Wales Decontamination Group.

A Rapid Review is now available into the evidence for the use of flight socks in preventing DVT on long haul flights.   

A new paper is up on Medidex - "Endoscope contamination and rinse water TVCs", which details the results of testing performed by SMTL on washer disinfectors and scope channels, and provides some useful information on the relationship between rinse water and endoscope contamination.

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